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Donate Attention

Your Attention has the power to change the world!

As soon as I heard about the idea behind Donate Attention I knew we have to part of it. We helped them polishing their design and developed it using Webflow Platform so that they can easily add more members, publish new articles or promote their awesome ideas. Our team assigned as a changemakers and we are ready to change the world.

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Alumni Management Software

Almabase is all-in-one alumni management software for schools
and universities. They constantly add new features that's why they choose webflow as their website development tool. Also we create new marketing landing pages to increase conversion rate of their ads.

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Camps Booking

Geardropper wanted to be in step with time and give their users easier way to find, choose and book their camp. After understanding their clients needs we developed clean website with all necessary information and guidlines. Now Geardropper have 15% more users then with previos old website

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AI-powered sourcing software

Keelvar is an award-winning software vendor. To give a better view of their products they redesigned their old website into new much cleaner one. Due to the speed of development we used Webflow and we was live in record time.

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Tagging images for machine learning

Image needed new landing page with great SEO, they wanted to appear on first page for keywords like "image annotation services", "Image tagging", "Image Annotation Outsourcing"... After creating amazing site we are working on SEO and Google ads.

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Organisation Software

With new look of TidyHQ website and SEO optimisation TidyHQ managed to improve their conversion rate and get more users.

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Email Marketing Software

SendX updated their website with new look with goal to get more users of their software. We managed to develop a great looking website that shows all features and benefits of using SendX. Using CMS we easily create new pages that compare their software with competition.

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